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Vascular CT including Angiogram & Aortogram

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Vascular CT

CT study of the vascular structures of the body is commonly known as an angiogram, aortogram or venogram, depending on the region or system of the body and the purpose of the study. Scans of this nature often investigate the function and blood flow of such regions as the renals, extremities of the body, head and abdomen. Designed to diagnose a range of different conditions and determine effective function, CT angiography is a very effective tool due to it’s high image resolution and spatial capability (determining measurement in three dimensions).

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Your Doctor will refer you for a CT angiogram that may or may not require the use of contrast dye. If it is required, our highly trained nursing and technical staff will assist by placing a small canular in the arm which will allow the contrast fluid to flow and illuminate the required part of the body being studied. By using the latest CT technology, Western Radiology is able to produce high-quality images while simultaneously lowering radiation-dose. Similarly, scan times are shortened meaning most patients time in the CT suite is 10 – 15 minutes.

Western Radiology has a team of highly trained and experienced radiologists who hold fellowships in their subspecialisations of Neuroradiology and Advanced body imaging. Both these fields relate directly to this these types of common CT scans. Referrers and patients alike can be confident in the standard of reporting generated by Western Radiology for these types of scans. Results and images are delivered electronically to your doctor within 24 hours of your scan.

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