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CT Arthrogram

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What CT Arthrogram is and its role

CT Arthrogram uses highly accurate CT scanning and a contrast dye to investigate joints. Often in the case of an effusion (accumulation of fluid – on the knee for example after an injury), arthrogram is used assess the health of joints. Including knees, hips, shoulders, wrists and ankles; arthrogram visualises and differentiates cartilage, bone and fluid.

Often in the case of an injury such as a ligament tear (e.g., ruptured ACL, meniscus etc.), one’s knee will swell and fluid can deposit in the effected area. To determine the full extent of injury and plan a course of action, a patient’s joint will have any excess fluid removed, then the joint imaged to show the extent of any present injury.

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Patient’s lie on the CT table and are raised in to position so that the CT machine can image the required area. The radiologist will apply a local anaesthetic to the effected area and wait for it to set in. Using the same needle insertion, a syringe will be used to extract excess blood and fluid collected in the site. A scan or scans will then be taken to validate that enough fluid has been removed or the diagnostic image itself taken, for the radiologists to report on.

Our radiologists have extensive experience in this and more advanced intervention procedures meaning patients are in good hands with Western Radiology for this procedure.

Delivered electronically to your referring physician generally within 24 hours of your scan, results and images are expertly reported by our radiologists with many years’ experience in their respective fields.

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