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Western Radiology provides a comprehensive radiology service that caters to referrer’s needs with a multi-modal imaging offering and advanced intervention service.

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Referrers Contacting Us and Urgent Appointments

Referrer Relationship

We openly encourage referrers engagement with our radiology team. We believe we are part of the care pathway that should enable you to do an excellent job of enhancing your patient wellbeing.

Radiologist Access

Our policy is to treat the patient, not their radiology results and offer referrers contact with our reporting radiologists to discuss a case. We can be reached on our main line (08) 9200 2777, press option 2 upon pick up to be transferred to a radiologist.

Urgent Ultrasound Appointments

If you require an urgent Ultrasound appointment for assessment of DVT or ectopic pregnancy for example, call our main line (08) 9200 2777, option 1, then option 1 and your call will be expedited.

We maintain availability of urgent Ultrasound appointments every day and so expect us to be able to fit your patient in when you call. Also expect that you will receive at least a verbal report from the radiologist via phone before day’s end. It’s all part of our commitment to timely, high-quality service.

Results Online Access (Portal, HealthLink & InteleViewer)

Western Radiology has a solution to meet all referrers needs in delivering results electronically. For those with HealthLink (Best Practice, Medical director et al.), we deliver reports and images directly in to your incoming results in-box.

Portal & InteleViewer

For referrers requiring access to our online portal or via InteleViewer, we deliver reports and images via PACS (including to public hospital).

Portal Access/ Request Account

Setup instructions on how to add a desktop link to our portal or bookmark to InteleViewer can be found here:


HealthLink (HL7)

For referrers using HealthLink to receive results such as pathology, radiology and the like, we offer direct transmission in to your results in-box. Most referrer’s practice will already be in our system.

If you are new to a practice and wish to request results via HL7, please complete the form below and our reception team will action and confirm your request.

Referral Forms & Results Delivery

Each referrers needs are subtly different so we cater for them with specific referral pads or computer papers. Please use the below form to tell us about yourself and what you require and we will deliver the correct referral forms or papers to you. Pads or papers can also be personalised for regular referrers who require this.
If you wish to request referral documents over the phone, call our main line (08) 9200 2777, option 3, then option 1.

Please indicate if you would like any of the below set up or sent to you:

    *Must specify practice management software type e.g., Best Practice, Medical Director, Genie.

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    Service Locations


    275 Wanneroo Rd, Balcatta WA 6021, Australia

    (08) 9200 2777

    Canning Vale

    1/410 Ranford Rd, Canning Vale WA 6155, Australia

    (08) 9200 2777


    1/278 Stirling Hwy, Claremont WA 6010, Australia

    (08) 9200 2777


    10/61 Key Largo Drive, Clarkson WA 6030, Australia

    (08) 9200 2777

    Cockburn Central

    2/810 North Lake Road, Cockburn Central WA 6164, Australia

    (08) 9200 2777


    1/210 Wanneroo Rd, Madeley WA 6065, Australia

    (08) 9200 2777


    73-77 Reserve Dr, Mandurah WA 6210, Australia

    (08) 9200 2777


    133 Russell St, Morley WA 6062, Australia

    (08) 9200 2777