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Digital X-ray

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What are Digital X-rays?

X-rays are a type of high-energy radiation that exist on the energy spectrum and that occur naturally in the atmosphere. An X-ray machine produces short, focussed bursts of X-rays. The rays pass easily through fluids and soft tissues of the body however, dense tissue such as bone and other masses will block some of the X-rays and show up white on a black background. X-ray also known as radiographs, are relatively quick to perform and a cornerstone of medical imaging.

Western Radiology makes use of the latest digital X-ray equipment throughout all its practices. Unlike traditional X-ray in which manual exposures are taken by a technician; the rate of exposure to X-ray radiation is managed digitally to ensure the clearest pictures and the lowest possible radiation level. Newer digital X-ray machines like those at Western Radiology expose patients to a very low level of radiation. Coupled with our technicians’ years of experience in taking X-ray images, Western Radiology’s team of radiographers produce high quality images that are safer for patients.

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X-ray generally requires no preparation and you can attend any one of our branches without the need for an appointment. Patients are commonly asked to change in to a gown that enables pictures to be taken accurately. Our radiographer will help you understand the correct position in which to stand or lie (depending on your scan) and ensure you are comfortable. You may be asked to do a breath hold and some may be required to stand in certain positions to aid in particular image views being taken. Having an X-ray is considered painless, you should feel no discomfort during the imaging process.

Our experienced team of radiologists will interpret the X-ray scans and compile a report to your referring physician on your personal circumstances. As with all imaging at Western Radiology, results are transmitted via digital means directly to your referrers computer prior to you attending your next appointment. The report is normally delivered within 24 hours via the same digital means.

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