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About Us

Western Radiology group is independently owned and operated by a team of radiologists and technical staff who are highly qualified, with many years of experience. Founded in 2011, now with locations north and south of Perth, Western Australia, we provide premium and personalised radiology services at as low cost as possible.

Our Core Values

Patient Focus

We are a Perth Radiology group committed to providing individualised care that is tailored to meet each patient’s specific needs. This means treating each case on its merits and a philosophy of recommending treatment based on a patient’s complete situation, rather than their scan alone. This means being patient focused during the delivery of medical imaging services and interventional procedures to ensure the best care, service and clinical outcomes.

Commitment to Exceptional Services and Professionalism

By working closely with referring practitioners, we integrate holistically in to patients’ care journey. This includes alignment throughout our internal processes to ensure continuity during your time with us. We create lasting medical relationships with health organizations and specialist professionals in Perth to improve patient access and service. This means care pathways are jointly managed with your referring practitioner or specialist. Our team of highly skilled professionals work in unison to provide excellent care at every point of your journey.

Respect and Honesty

Integrity is a core principle of all that we do at Western Radiology, we treat all of our patients and staff with dignity and courtesy. We believe that all patients have a right to be treated with respect, compassion and honesty at all times.

Patient confidentiality

We uphold the highest standard of patient confidentiality, ensuring all of your medical information is safe and secure. Transmission of patient data is conducted through secure services between us and your referrer and never shared with another party without your written consent.

Continuous Development and Improvement

By using evidence-based practice, our staff undergo continuous improvement to optimise clinical care. This ensures our team is able to consistently produce technically accurate imaging results to the highest standard.

Who We Are

Western Radiology works to the highest professional standards and provides radiology and interventional services that deliver exceptional diagnostic confidence, plus safe and individualised patient care. Information on our team of Perth radiology professionals can be seen here.

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