New Cardiac Capable CT now in Canning Vale

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MRI now available Canning Vale

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Radiology and Imaging at Its Most Innovative

High-quality, comprehensive service utilising the latest technology. Personalised, holistic care that is readily available.

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Hospital Scale
Comprehensive Service

Locations in your community, delivering hospital level diagnostic imaging and interventions. Patient-focussed, state of the art facilities for the best experience.

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A Trusted Service

Highly experienced team of qualified professionals delivering excellent quality care and diagnosis.

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Excellent radiology service! Friendly and knowledgeable team who all work well together - perfect information from first phone call when booking appointment. Excellent receptionist, sonographer, radiographers and very fast, problem free turnaround without feeling at all rushed. Brilliant attention to detail, especially in positioning for xrays. Also lovely to see the place full of beautiful healthy living plants, really reflects the healthy "atmosphere" of this practice. - Erin

Just did another anatomy scan at Western Radiology Cockburn. This is my 4th pregnancy and have had all my scans here. Can’t fault the service here, the staff are so well mannered and unbelievably friendly and they are really professional. I literally waited 2 minutes before being called in. I would recommend them to everyone! Thanks for the great service guys. - Cooper Family

No problems with my visits to this clinic, staff have always been very pleasant. No hesitation in recommending them for any scans, tests required. - Gail

Really had great service here, the staff try very hard to do what they can to give you a positive experience and are very sympathetic. Could not have been happier with the sonographers. And on top of all this, to be bulk billed too! Amazing! - Phoenix

So simple and easy to access. Used health engine app to find them, made the appointment, straight in, done and on my way...all bulk billed! - John

Opening Hours


8:30am - 5:00pm


First Saturday for Canning Vale to open will be Feb 2nd.
*Cockburn Central and Canning Vale only

Advanced Diagnostic Imaging & Interventions

With a focus on high-quality imaging and excellent service, Western Radiology delivers advanced diagnostic imaging and interventions. Ours is a comprehensive service that offers the vast majority of diagnostic scans, including advanced scans and interventions normally reserved for hospital-based radiology branches in Perth.

Utilising the latest technology

Utilising the latest technology, enables us to deliver results quickly and offer same day appointments for the majority of scans. Western Radiology strives to deliver the best radiology experience possible in a community location and invites you to experience the difference.

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Our Core Values

More About Us

Patient Focus

Commitment to Exceptional Services & Professionalism

Respect & Honesty

Patient Confidentiality

Continuous Development & Improvement

Our Modalities

CT Scan

Computed Tomography, more commonly known as a CT or CAT scan, is a diagnostic medical test that like traditional X-rays,..


Ultrasound imaging (sonography) uses high-frequency sound waves to view inside the body. The sound waves are directed at the internal..

Digital X-ray

X-rays are a type of high-energy radiation that exist on the energy spectrum and that occur naturally in the atmosphere...


Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) is a safe, painless and powerful diagnostic imaging test. MRI uses a combination of a strong..

Dental X-ray & OPG/ Lat Ceph

Specialist dental X-rays such as OPG and Lat Ceph are designed to image the teeth and jaw, plus any surrounding..

DEXA Bone Density

A bone mineral density test determines how rich your bones are in minerals such as..

The Team

Independently owned and operated by a team by a team of radiologists and technical staff

Dr Ashish Chawla

Fellowships – Neuroradiology


Dr Adil Rajwani

Consultant Cardiology and Cardiac Imaging


A/Prof Dennis Wong

Interventional Cardiology and Cardiac Imaging


Dr Daniel Wong

Fellowships – Musculoskeletal, Intervention


Dr Rushani Samarakoon

Fellowships – Breast and Thoracic Imaging


Dr Ryan Kong

Fellowships – Musculoskeletal Imaging


Dr Priyanka Singh

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