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The child cannot have anything to eat before the study. The child is allowed water or clear juices but not milk.

Number of hours of fasting as below. Please advise staff if your child is diabetic or has any special nutritional requirements prior to the appointment.

0-22 hours
2-63 hours
6-105-6 hours
11+6-8 hours
  • The child must have a full bladder in order to the examination to be performed.
  • Encourage your child to have a full bladder and ensure the child is well hydrated by drinking water or clear juice before the appointment time.
  • No fasting is required.
0-1Feed 30mins before appointment time
1-42 glasses of water 30 minutes before appointment time
5-83 glasses of water 30 minutes -1 hour before appointment time
8-104 glasses of water (500ml) 1 hour before the appointment time
11+5 glasses of water (500ml to 1L) of water 1 hour before the appointment time
  • No preparation is required

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